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We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit alcohol and drug treatment agency located in downtown Portland. We have been providing addiction treatment services since 1971.
2130 SW Fifth. Suite 100. Portland, Oregon. 97201. 503.224.0075
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You will determine your treatment plan with your counselor. Research indicates that treatment lasting less than 90 days has little effect, and the optimum time in treatment is around 6 months.
Call one of our intake coordinators at 503-224-0075 for specifics. We will make every effort to make treatment accessible. We can bill some insurance, and we have several contracts with state and county agencies to provide services at significantly reduced rates.
Several large-scale research studies nationally and in Oregon have demonstrated without doubt that treatment works. Download the new treatment effectiveness brochure by following this link.
Check out: alcoholscreening.org
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